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In the heart of Carlsbad, New Mexico, Baruch stands as a cornerstone in the construction and maintenance of gas and oil plants. Our mission is clear: to elevate the industry with unparalleled expertise. From our Carlsbad hub, we specialize in the intricate craft of ensuring the robustness and longevity of energy infrastructure. Discover how Baruch turns visions into enduring realities.

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Gas Plant Construction
Oil Plant Construction
Visionary Construction Projects

Hector Barrera

Christian Rodriguez

Edgar Ramirez

David Montelongo

Visionary with a track record of transformative projects.

Expert in innovation and efficiency in construction.

Meticulous planner and execution specialist.

Expert in Customer Service, Communications, and Social Media.

Strategic Partners

Rodrigo Gomez Ruiz

CEO of Daedalus-Kanofer Ingenieria (, 10+ years experience company in highway infrastructure. Daedalus-Kanofer is one of our Mexican partners.

David Jimenez Barrera

J. Luis Jimenez Barrera